Who we are
Information about the Group

Mediatel Capital Group was set up in 2008 as a result of a merger of several companies, already recognized on the market, rendering services of complementary nature. Merger of the telecommunications operators allowed for the integration of systems and processes as well as put together the competence and experience of the employees, thus strengthening the competitiveness of the Group's offer and its position on existing markets as an independent provider of integrated telecommunications services. The establishment of Mediatel Group also resulted from intensive works to merge business ideas with efficient usage of the potential of each of the companies.

Mediatel Group is a dynamically expanding entity, which in response to market demands creates comprehensive telecommunications solutions as well as the long-term value for its shareholders (company goodwill).
Thanks to the current shape and consolidation the Group is characterized with pioneer operations, stable capital, security and competitive offering. Strength and value of the Group among others consists in brands intended for a variety of end customers of the telecommunications services:
Aim of Mediatel Group operations is to break stereotypes existing as far as Polish telecommunications is concerned, to create new value generating centres and to optimize the processes of efficient management. The fact that the Group operates based on high involvement level and motivation of the employees, using their creativity, experience and knowledge is another asset of the Group.