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Portfolio of brand names of our Group
Portfolio of brand names serves the functions set in the strategy of the Group, for that reason we create strong brands, yet, at the same time, we care for the individual character of each of them and we want to work out their unique market positions.
Mediatel Group
Information about the brand
Mediatel Group is a corporate brand name, addressed mainly to business opinion bodies and financial institutions in the broad meaning of the word. Mediatel Group brand name continues the previous operations of the Company, yet it is also the proof of the changes in the strategy, now focused on development and implementation of pioneer ideas.
Personality of the brand
Mediatel Group brand is a professional creating business trends on the telecommunications market. This brand is the best oriented, flexible and determined to operate entity, characterized with self-confidence in positive meaning of the word, shrewdness and unconventional approach to business. It is a reliable and safe solution for shareholders and business partners, outstanding for its innovation in trend marking, open to people and businesses. It is also a pioneer in coming up with new solutions.
Mediatel World
Information about the brand
Mediatel World is, alongside with Mediatel 4B brand name, one of the two most important sub-brands in Mediatel Group portfolio. Mediatel World is without doubt a leader on the alternative telecommunications market in the field of wholesale international connections. This brand name is the proof for the Group competence on the international telecommunications market.
Logotype of the brand was created as the identification mark of Mediatel Group and its key brands. It shows features of affiliation with Mediatel Group but also exhibits its individual character.
Personality of the brand
Mediatel World brand outstands with its flexibility, operating speed and individual approach to every Client. The brand creates business trends on the international telecommunications market and sets up new standards. The brand is an entity vital in the operations, characterized with self-confidence in positive meaning of the word, shrewdness and unconventional approach to business.
Velvet Telecom
As part of the acquisition strategy Velvet Telecom was acquired in 2009 and it is currently comprised in the portfolio of Mediatel Group brands. Velvet Telecom is the wholesale telecommunications operator related brand , offering the international telecommunications traffic exchange services, mainly in North and South America.
Information about the brand
Velvet Telecom focuses on telecommunications operations aimed at the provision of optimum high quality services at competitive prices, at the same stability and safety level of the provided services retained. In view of the demands of the global telecommunications market Velvet Telecom offers integrated IP services, mainly the services of international voice termination services, terminating calls to stationary and mobile telephones.
Personality of the brand
Velvet Telecom is a trustworthy business partner, operating an extended and integrated telecommunications infrastructure, offering respective technological and financial potential. For that reason, the services of Velvet Telecom are addressed to a wide range of corporate customers expecting a flexible and tailor made telecommunications offering. Whether the Company gains a strong market position or not depends on the experience of its employees, proven IP technologies and reliable infrastructure, which guarantee the recipients of the services top quality and optimum safety.
The mission and aspiration of Velvet Telecom LLC is to create the Company into a global leader in the provision of services on the wholesale telecommunications market.
Information about the brand
Elterix Sieć T2 brand is the brand of a telecommunications operator , offering reliable and advanced telecommunications systems designated for individual households. Elterix brand in response to the demands and expectations of the Clients provides comprehensive and stable solutions integrating telephone, IT and data transmission services. In the last few years the brand has gained recognition in the TriCity conurbation and is associated with high quality of services and customer service at competitive prices.
Personality of the brand
Provision of professional operator services at the level competitive to the domestic dominant operator requires the possession of own network and equipment complying with the highest global standards. ELTERIX S.A. invested extensive resources into the implementation of this bold plan to provide most advanced and therefore cheaper telecommunications services onto the domestic market. However, it is not the invested millions that have ensured the top quality of our T2 network. It first of all is the teams of dedicated professionals - engineers, technicians and assemblers, who provide technical support to our Clients and Partners on daily basis.